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Executive leadership coaching is specifically designed for top-level executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite members. The primary objectives of executive leadership coaching often include enhancing the executive's leadership skills, decision-making abilities, strategic thinking, and overall effectiveness in their high-level role. Executive leaders face unique challenges, and coaching at this level may address issues such as navigating complex organizational dynamics, managing stakeholders, and providing visionary leadership.



Ikigai is a Japanese concept derived from the terms iki (alive, life) and gai (benefit, worth). The essence of finding your Ikigai is to discover your "reason for being" or "purpose in life." In this model of coaching, we will dive deep and explore four core areas of inquiry: what do you love? what are you good at? what can you be paid for? what does the world need? I will assist you in aligning your actions to your values and your purpose. Are you ready to unlock your Ikigai?



Leadership development coaching is more broad-reaching and can target individuals at various levels within an organization, from emerging leaders to mid-level managers. The goals of leadership development coaching include building and refining leadership competencies, improving communication skills, fostering emotional intelligence, and preparing individuals for greater responsibilities and leadership roles. Leadership development coaching often aims to create a pipeline of effective leaders throughout the organization, not just at the executive level.

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Ikigai Coach Certification
My Ikigai. Get to know yours.
Professional Certified Coach
Leadership Coach Certification
DiSC Behavioral Assessment Certification


Peter believes that most people have what it takes to successfully navigate change, uncertainty, and challenge. Whether in his own extensive business career or as a global executive coach to leaders across dozens of industries and nationalities, Peter works to enhance effectiveness, confidence, and sense of purpose critical to exemplary leadership. He has trained and specializes in coaching abrasive leaders. And, in addition to his coaching certifications, he draws upon the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology to help his clients grow and thrive in impactful, sustainable ways.

Prior to coaching, Peter served as Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Strategic Analysis during a period of unprecedented growth, global expansion, and transformation at Home Box Office (HBO). His leadership spanned strategic planning, competitive analysis, pricing strategy, and deal negotiations. He was an influencer and key member of HBO’s C-Suite strategy and planning teams. Throughout his career, Peter was a fervent advocate for professional development, empowerment, mentorship, and training. Many of his former team members have ascended to senior leadership roles in media and other industries.

• Leadership Coaching: Rutgers University certified
• PCC (Professional Certified Coach): ICF certified
• Ikigai Coach: Ikigai Coaching Institute certified
• Bates ExPI (executive presence): BTS certified
• EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360: MHS/EITC certified
• DiSC: Copia Coaching certified
• Organizational Mindfulness: IOSM certified

Top Areas of Expertise:
• Enhancing executive effectiveness/performance
• Executive presence and emotional intelligence
• Coaching abrasive leaders
• Creating followership and developing leaders
• Changing undermining behavior and perspectives
• Negotiation and relationship-building
• Understanding and managing stress

Coaching Experience (1,200+ hours):
• C-Suite
• Executives and Senior Leaders
• First-Time Leaders
• High Potentials
• Onboarding

Client Industries:
• Media and Entertainment: premium/streaming TV
• Technology: cloud computing, semiconductor
• Financial Services: banking, audit, consulting
• Consumer: retail, online food delivery
• Military: transition to civilian life/employment
• Pharmaceuticals
• Non-Profit Organizations

• skillBOOST™
• F.L.O.W.™ productivity model

• MBA, NYU, Stern School of Business
• BA, English Literature, Queens College, CUNY

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Testimonials (25)

Peter and I shared a fantastic 6 months' coaching journey, which guided me through the world of leadership and personal development, from behavioral models, to brain-mapping, neuroscience and Ikigai. Peter is an attentive listener, a fine observer of human nature and a discreet challenger of status quo. On top of that, Peter is one of the kindest people I met. I highly recommend Peter to anyone who wishes to improve their management style, their approach to work and life in general.

- Alexandra Smedoiu, CFA 

Partner, Deloitte 


Having Peter as my coach and continued mentor has been rewarding in so many ways. I had the privilege to benefit from his incredible coaching skills when I transitioned to a new role in the C-suite.

Peter possesses both an extensive business background and extensive coaching training. This rare combination and his passion for helping others makes him uniquely positioned to lead others to personal transformation. Peter is a phenomenal listener and through deep engagement, guided me in learning to communicate more clearly with impact and further developing my leadership skills. This has helped me to engage with my peers effectively and build effective relationships. He used solution-focused questioning to guide me through effective approaches for problem solving.

Through Peter’s help and advice I have grown confident in acting on different approaches when creating strategies that impact my organization. His style of coaching encourages self-reflection to identify and correct blind spots and taking the time to consider issues from new angles. Partnering with Peter as my executive coach has changed me as a leader. I highly recommend him.

- Kendra Irving

Chief Financial Officer, Chalkbeat 


I have known Peter for over 20 years and have the highest respect for him. When we worked together at HBO, I appreciated his extensive wealth of knowledge when the company was involved in deal negotiations. I admired his ability to easily produce thoughtful and meaningful analyses and summaries which highlighted key financial impacts, as well as any associated risks and opportunities. During the process, Peter would also reach out to me to get my thoughts and insights on a particular situation or scenario. This manner of collaboration enabled us to operate as an efficient and cohesive team.

Peter offers sound advice and guidance, in addition to practical solutions to a variety of matters. He is an excellent listener who assesses your specific objectives, enabling him to provide helpful recommendations to achieve them. To top it off, Peter is extremely personable and affable.

In 2020, Peter became an Executive Leadership and Career coach. He brings the same deep listening and guidance skills to this new role.

I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is interested in identifying the root cause of what is blocking them from achieving their goals. His approach is customized to your needs and highly effective.

- John Adduci 

Financial Operations Executive 


Peter's coaching style can be described as Quiet Competency. He listens intently to understand what you are really saying, as opposed to simply hearing the words being said. From there he asks powerful questions to allow you to uncover your real challenge and motivations without leading you to the answer; the answers are yours. This is the fastest and best way to resolve issues, and while not a skill easy to master, he is highly skilled at it.

- Scott Messer 

Founder & Coach at Coaching Evolution 


Peter’s value as an executive coach comes from decades of international experience, combined with a passion to see his clients grow personally and professionally in remarkable ways. Conversations with Peter can be deep and engaging, as they result in new action and growth. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Peter as an executive coach.

- Dr. Nicholas Sarantopoulos 

President / CEO 


Peter has been my professional coach for several months. Through his remarkable listening skills, he has helped me focus my career goals and methodically take actions to improve the level of satisfaction in my current role. He has an unassuming manner of challenging his clients to reevaluate their approach to difficult situations and develop new and more effective solutions. I highly recommend him.

- David Walker, Esq., MSW 

CEO/Executive Director at Visions and Pathways 


Peter’s network is wide and he has a strong internal business compass. An excellent communicator and trusted counselor. Disarming and tough in equal measures, tireless and knows how to get a deal done. He’s an effective and compassionate leader, dependable and someone you want on your team. Intuitive coach and advisor and skilled at providing constructive feedback and supporting his team and colleagues.

- Stephen Gushée 

Media Content Distribution Executive / Business Builder / Real Estate Investor 


Had a great couple of months talking with Peter about our industry and getting his advice/counsel on pertinent issues regarding my professional growth. Peter's easy going personality, career experience with such a top notch company (HBO) and his thorough efforts at gaining various accreditation in the executive coaching field immediately gave me confidence that his advice would be valuable to me.

Peter employs a good mix of conversing, questioning, and projecting empowerment. He listens intently, is fully engaged, and has a genuine interest in his client's growth. Peter is authentic. If you can use some guidance in your career, I highly recommend him. 

- Peter Clifford 

Experienced Content Distribution and Partnership Marketing Professional 


I am so very grateful for the opportunity I had to be the beneficiary of Peter Accettura’s incredible coaching skills. His ability to ask impactful questions and help his clients identify alternatives and solutions for themselves, leads to sustained transformation in both professional careers and personal lives. Not only is he an amazing coach, but his advisory skills are second to none! I’ve reaped the benefits of both his coaching and consulting skills and am thankful for his support and expertise in both spaces. He is passionate in helping his clients and creates a safe space for discussions.

- Lauren Breitkopf 

Certified Leadership Coach | Growth Mindset Protagonist| E.I. Super Fan 


I had the privilege of working with Peter while at HBO and would like to enumerate a few of the qualities that made Peter a really great advisor, leader and colleague. Peter was highly regarded across the organization for the thorough analysis that he and his team provided in order to present creative and tailored deal structures to align with the strategic goal unique to each deal negotiation. Those of us who worked with him consistently benefited from his ability to patiently explain complex structures and for his clear recommendations in helping shape informed decisions. He was an instrumental part of each big deal negotiation and widely regarded as a trusted business advisor to provide practical solutions to issues that arose as part of each deal discussion. He was effective in his role because he has incredible experience in the industry, thorough knowledge of the current landscape and a talent at identifying trends. Equally importantly, he could be relied on to maintain a calm demeanor through even the most intense of negotiations.

He was also great at creating and building a team of all-stars that reflected the same rigor to analysis and were consistently key partners to the deal teams. He developed some very talented finance colleagues in his team who continue to serve of great value to the organization. He knew just the right balance between providing analysis and guidance himself and allowing junior members to take on increasing responsibility on their own. I can personally attest to his respectful behavior and approachability to everyone in the company, regardless of whether they were upper management, peers or more junior to him in the company.

Lastly, I would like to note that he was a delightful colleague, due in part to his enthusiasm across a spectrum of topics such as travel, world events, current culture, music, fitness…. and the list goes on. He truly is an authentic individual gifted with a terrific sense of humor. Those of us who worked with him closely were lucky to learn from him and to be able to call him a friend.

- Projit Mallick 

Innovative Media Attorney and Business Advisor | Team-oriented Leader | Digital Distribution | Licensing | Technology 


I had the absolute pleasure and great fortune to work for, and alongside, Peter for over two decades at HBO. He is a selfless executive who leads by example, fostered a culture of excellence, trust, and accountability in his teams, and projected confidence and optimism, even in the face of adversity and challenge.

I owe a tremendous amount of my success and job satisfaction to Peter’s mentorship, guidance, and counsel. I credit his leadership and style with helping shape me into the successful professional I am today. His experience, commitment, and genuine caring embodies the world-class culture that made HBO such a special place.

Over the years I have tried to emulate so much of Peter’s management style. His overarching goal is always to ensure that everyone in his circle succeeds. Peter is incredibly personable, creating life-long bonds with individuals up and down and across the organization, regardless of title or role. He taught me an appreciation for the value that everyone brings, and he made it a point to ensure that everyone understood how their efforts fit into the larger picture of the organization’s strategy and growth. Peter constantly took the time to share the spotlight and recognize the collaboration and contributions of others.

Peter is a teacher and a mentor who allows a personalized mix of individual autonomy and oversight subject to the situation. He is always available to act as a sounding board or provide guidance on projects, relationship-building, and understanding one’s audience. He has provided constructive feedback with an eye toward personal growth and improvement.

There are so many things I appreciate about Peter, and I am proud to say that knowing and working with him has made me a better professional, boss, colleague, husband, father, and friend.

- Justin Rann 

Vice President - Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, Vimeo

I have known Peter for over thirteen years and have reported to Peter for nine of those years. Peter was a valued business partner across various groups within the company. He brought to the table extensive media & entertainment industry knowledge and experience, integrity, humanity, and a sense of humor. He valued impactful work, and he pushed his teams to strive higher. Peter gave honest feedback and was a great sounding board. He was not prescriptive. He would distill the issues and then ask questions to encourage me to dig deeper into finding my own solutions. I appreciated Peter’s integrity and discretion and knew that anything we discuss would remain confidential. Peter was a mentor and leader not only to me and his immediate team, but also to many people at all different levels in other groups. Peter mentored and coached us not out of obligation, but because he naturally wanted the best for us, and so that we can continue to show up as our best selves. 

- Jean Tsao 

VP of Finance, Distribution Planning and Strategy at Warner Bros. Discovery 

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Peter. I had the pleasure of being part of the audience in Peter's outstanding presentations. It felt like I was attending a TedTalk event! I was particularly impressed by Peter’s ability to own the room, even the toughest listeners, so effortlessly. He always seem so natural and always talked from personal experience and from the heart. I was also impressed by how nice and warm he spoke about his team, whom, unfortunately, I have not met, but they were very lucky to have Peter as their manager, mentor and coach. Peter is not only a good professional, but a fantastic human being, a true friend, always willing to listen and provide good and valuable advise. As a speaker, coach and a mentor, I recommend Peter with all my heart.

- Madalina Popescu 

Country Manager, HBO Romania & VP Commercial Controlling, HBO Europe at HBO Romania 

I had the great fortune of working with Peter at HBO for more than 6 years. He was an invaluable partner on each deal, using his intelligence and talent to help create financial structures to suit any strategy. Because of his vast experience at HBO, he was able to contribute his amazing knowledge of prior deals while remaining open to new ideas. That, without a doubt, helped us succeed in a rapidly-changing industry.

But more importantly to me, he was just an excellent colleague - so generous with his time and advice and incredibly patient with newcomers like me. Peter was always willing to spend extra time with me explaining complicated deal mechanics or giving helpful historical context. And because of his easy-going nature and ego-free approach, each time felt less like a business lesson and more like a conversation between two friends. I miss working with Peter and think anyone should jump at the chance to do so.

- Rich Palermo 

Senior Vice President at Warner Bros. Discovery 

Peter is an amazing coach and a great business advisor. I was incredibly fortunate to work with him.

- Jerry Nulton 

Director, Advisory SNAP Team at PwC 

It was an honor to work with Peter for many years. He made everyone around him better at their jobs. His insight, expertise, and experience were invaluable for HBO as he charted our long-term financial strategies and deal negotiations. He could see three steps ahead of everyone else, and we wouldn't have achieved the level of success we did without Peter at the table. For as much of a whiz as Peter is with the financials, he's an even better human being. He's one of the most genuine and sincere people you'll ever know.

 - Chris Defendis 

Strategic Leader in Media, Content Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Warner Bros. Discovery  

Peter is an excellent consultant. I have spoken to him several times to get his feedback on our product. His experience as a president of his building board was invaluable. Peter knew the exact right things to say to steer us in the right direction.

 - Lior Hait 

Operations Manager at Daisy 

Peter has been the MVP in many of my distribution deals developing inspiration for long-term business partnerships. His deep understanding of economic structures presses him beyond the surface to understand the root of the problems or dilemmas. I have been in the trenches with Peter, and witnessed first-hand his thoughtful leadership, creativity, collaboration and win-win approach for both parties to achieve sustainable results. I am grateful to have his mentorship and example of leading with integrity.

- Sloan Kennedy 

Pioneer-Spirited Media Executive & Business Transformer: Distribution, Subscription Sales & Marketing, Product Launches, Operations 

Peter is a man I became friends with during High School in Brooklyn New York. At that time our relationship was defined by very turbulent events which required making hard choices and taking personal stands. I knew Peter as the boy who became the man he is today. Peter is loyal. Peter is intelligent and Peter can respond creatively in times of crisis. I have seen him take uncomfortable stands and benefited from his wise counsel. His business career has been remarkable in applying these personal traits as he survived numerous corporate dislocations, and participated in the implementations of new business procedures and corporate reorganizations. At the same time he has managed to keep a family together and a wife who has a smile on her face. He may assume you understand his meaning the first time you hear what he says. Be sure to review your notes with him. He can tell good stories, however, be sure to explore his reason for telling the story which you might miss. My recommendation, simply put, Peter is a thoughtful, loyal, experienced man. Eric Garvanne Harvard "75, 202-812-1591

- Eric Garvanne 

Director Business Development at Masai Interactive LLC 

I was lucky enough to meet such an extraordinary person such as Peter. From the moment I reached out to him through LinkedIn until today he's been very helpful in my career development process. As someone aspiring to reach his career level one day I took every single suggestion of his into account when making decisions. Not only did he explain the processes behind his previous job and Financial Planning and Analysis in the industry, but he also showed me a great knowledge and understanding of my position (senior student at that time) and the ways to achieve my professional goal.

With a very strategic and rational yet optimistic approach, Peter analyzes possible opportunities and finds the best ideas and solutions to hit the target. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve met, who truly cares and expresses interest in helping you reach the goal. I am very honored to have him as someone I can talk to and take advices from that I find essential for me and my future steps. Recommending Peter for his career consulting and development services is a huge privilege, being absolutely confident he will be of the best help!

- Anja Martinovic 

Strategy and Transactions Consultant, EY  

I had the honor, pleasure and privilege to work with Peter at HBO for many years. I always found his insight into our business to be a tremendous asset to our international networks. He was always available to them for sound advice for their particular market situation and issues. Implementing his solutions always resulted in a great outcome. On a personal level, I find Peter’s friendship to be genuine and we always enjoy being together and supporting each other through the thick and the thin of our lives.

- Bob Sender 

Global Media Executive and Board Member Strategy Leadership Relationship Building 

Peter has been an essential mentor in my career, leading both by example and training. I worked with Peter in HBO’s Financial Planning and Strategic Analysis group, where he led the financial planning processes and strategic partnerships supporting the business and upper management. Through his deep knowledge of the Media and Entertainment industry, Peter taught me the staples of thinking more analytically and strategically by explaining the “why’s” and “how’s” behind data sets. He was able to view the data through a physiological lens to humanize subscriber trends, driving more in-depth analyses and data-driven decisions. Peter’s commitment to his team and seeing success for each of the individuals is truly infectious; he is the model of a successful leader through his career accomplishments in addition to the numerous leaders that he has coached throughout his tenure at HBO.

I am excited as Peter embarks on launching his new consulting company focused on career development. As one of Peter’s mentees, I highly regard his career advice and encourage others to partner with his unique skill set. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for him and would gladly work with him again as our careers take new form!

- Erin Oxley 

Senior Product Manager, Amazon  

I have known Peter for 20+ years. During that time, I went from reporting to Peter, to being mentored by Peter, to working together on various projects related to business strategy, revenue and subscriber maximization, and affiliate contractual negotiations. As long as I have known Peter, he has always been the “go-to” advisor on strategic HBO decisions to be made at the highest levels with the utmost importance. The decisions that Peter helped guide, during his tenure, built one of the most successful media companies, HBO.


Few people come close to Peter’s strategic Financial acumen and even fewer possess his exceptional leadership, management, and coaching ability. Peter is confident, committed and empowering in his leadership style. He is an exceptional communicator, that inspires and motivates by his words as well as his actions. I recommend Peter for his unparalleled knowledge base of the industry, proven strategic expertise, ability to guide and drive business focused on maximizing growth and minimizing risk and his outstanding leadership style.

- Alex Mangano 

Vice President, Strategic Business and Corporate Development, Comscore, Inc. 


It is rare to encounter a person so unwaveringly committed to solving problems with the good of the enterprise in mind, rather than his own reputation or standing. Peter Accettura is such a person.

Exhaustive in his diagnostic preparation, objective in his deliberations, and unflappable in the face of challenge and push-back, Peter‘s counsel was regularly sought out at the highest levels within the organization and on the most sensitive of subjects. His was a reputation as a trusted and informed analyst and strategist, someone who could be counted on to represent complex exercises plainly, offering clear and concise risk/benefit analyses, and thoughtful recommendations. Held in high esteem as a financial counselor internally, he proved a valued colleague among HBO’s clients as well. Clients knew Peter to be fair and informed, straightforward, and committed to mutually beneficial outcomes during complicated and often contentious contract negotiations — always with grace and authenticity.

I would turn to Peter for counsel on any number of matters, both practical and delicate, and recommend him to anyone in search of an advocate who operates with the highest degree of integrity and smarts, whether on the subject of long-range financial planning, business strategy and best practices, or professional development in his areas of expertise.

- Beth Main 

B2B Partnership and Alliance Cultivator: Sales, Operations, Distribution 

For nearly twenty-five years I have known Peter professionally – as HBO colleagues – and socially. Peter demonstrates a high degree of expertise in contract negotiations, data (both big and small) analysis, affiliate deal structuring, corporate strategy, and most important, financial planning.

In his role as SVP Financial Planning & Strategic Analysis (HBO), Peter was a dedicated leader who understood how to assess past, present, and future financial impact on a global scale. He influenced the growth of a company from its infancy to an International powerhouse. Peter had, and still has, decades of valuable business insight. He is thoughtful, loyal, persistent, and bright.

I highly recommend Peter for his decisiveness, ability to achieve, collaboration skills, idea generation, and corporate knowledge.

 - Michael Dessart 

President, Christmas House USA Inc. 

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